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Heilung aus der Apotheke des Herrn - Gesundheit durch die Kraft des Schöpfers >

Volume 1

184 pages, paperback - with numerous coloured plant pictures

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ISBN 978-3-7534-7882-1

2nd Edition December 2021

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Those who eat the wrong kind of food and fail to use the powers of plants to stay healthy will get sick, and those who then still fail to use them will stay sick. Just as, in ancient times, creation birthed humankind into existence, it also provided them with the means to prevent and cure disease. However, few people know about this today. It is so simple. There are fruits, vegetables and herbs that, when used properly, can prevent and also cure cancer; eliminate prostate problems, gastrointestinal infections and related complaints; make loose teeth sit firmly again; prevent flu-like infections; and, if someone has already caught the flu, shorten the course of the disease by half; tackle coughs, bronchitis and inflammations of the sinuses quickly and effectively; improve joint pain, gynaecological complaints, varicose veins and spider veins proficiently; cause sciatica and facial nerve pains to subside within days; bring rapid help in cases of bed-wetting, intestinal flora damage caused by antibiotics and, above all, in the case of nervous disorders and stress.

The way to do it is shown in this book, which not only passes on modern knowledge, but also draws on centuries-old sources. In addition to an extensive index, it offers tried and tested recipes, precise dosage recommendations and instructions for the preparation of a wide variety of natural remedies, such as cough and flu drops, ointments and oils for venous stasis, haemorrhoids, back and limb pain.


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5.0 out of 5 stars

A book rarely found

Reviewed in Germany on 21 September 2021

This book is quite different from other herbal books. One notices immediately that the author has been dealing with the subject for 40 years. But he does not only write from his own experience, he also uses old sources like those of Matthiolus (personal physician of Emperor Ferdinand I) or Dioscorides (Roman military physician around 50 AD) and brings ancient knowledge back to light. You can find well-functioning recipes for the individual herbs, e.g. one against colds and viral infections. I mixed this recipe and tried it out. I am thrilled. I haven't had a cold since. In the Corona pandemic I also take it as a preventive. Another recipe serves as a detoxification and regulation tea. After only 6 weeks I felt years younger. A friend of mine had loose teeth. She tried another recipe from the book and it has been much better since then. This book is a real treasure, and I read it almost every day, and I am always amazed at the simple remedies you can often use to help yourself. You just have to use the right herbs. I can only recommend this book to anyone who wants to get and stay healthy.

Hilary S.

5.0 out of 5 stars

A unique source of information for all those interested in herbal remedies

Reviewed in Germany on 29 September 2021

This book is a magnificent collection of recipes for just about any illness. Obviously the result of many years of research and experience, these carefully selected remedies include many unusual and finely tuned combinations of herbs and spices that just beg to be tried out. An exciting book for all those wishing to enhance their knowledge, as well as those seaking relief from acute or chronic illnesses.


The author
Peter Kaufhold, who has been intensively involved in herbal medicine for over 30 years, became known for his books and professional articles on phytotherapy. He developed numerous herbal remedies against various diseases and ailments, which are successfully used both at home and abroad.


This book contains, among other things, effective herbal formulations against virus infections of various kinds.

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